Polenta and Sausage

The problem: hot turkey sausage (which Harry says shouldn’t even count as “sausage”), red peppers, and hulled corn (Debbie bought a pack of it at Whole Foods for reasons I couldn’t divine).

There were actually some interesting Epicurious recipes for sausage and corn (yes, Harry, even turkey “sausage” and corn), but for whatever reason sausage a polenta, a dish Debbie makes very well, spoke to me.

Don’t tell anyone, but we have used Barbara Kafka’s microwave recipe for polenta for some years.  Easy, tastes fine.  I’m sure my faithful readers, at least some of them, are calling foul.  But we do it anyhow because we love polenta and don’t love excess work.

So, polenta was spoken for.  The sauce was c-cook improvisation: I wilted down onions and peppers in olive oil, then added the sausage (which wasn’t going to contribute much to the fat department, else I would have had them first), then garlic for a brief fragrant moment, then deglaze with red wine, then add store-bought tomato sauce.

Not the most adventuresome recipe I’ve ever made (although I gave myself points for improvisation).  Unfortunately, it didn’t taste that great to me.  Probably cut too many corners.  The sauce wasn’t so hot.  Some gourmet stuff in a jar, but all the heartburn of tomatoes with none of the mouth feel and finish of a really great tomato sauce.  Would have been better to do my own.  I made a great Bolognese Sauce once or twice from Marcella Hazan.  These things are well within my powers.  Oh, well.

Debbie and I both thought what I made was pretty good.  But I’ll have to aim for a higher bar next week.

Southwest Turkey Burgers with Corn Salsa

I made these last night, in a nod to the classic Friday pattern of crummy cooking (Debbie and I were out on actual Friday night).

Not bad, certainly tastier than they sounded.  Maybe the secret here was that Debbie told me we had ground turkey and we really had ground chicken thigh, which has a little “nature” to it that turkey never had and never will.

Ended up making the corn salsa from scratch – tomatoes, onions, fresh corn cut off the cob, cilantro, etc. – because we didn’t have any store-bought in the house.  Have to learn how to make different kinds of salsas.

Back in the saddle: Chicken & Edamame stir fry

Vacation and other trouble completely discombobulated my cooking routine… and even more so my blogging.  Hopefully, we’re back in the saddle again.

IMG_20100825_192229 I made this Brown Rice and Chicken Stir-Fry with Edamame and Walnuts from an Epicurious search on chicken and edamame.  It sounds kind of disgustingly healthful (my cousin Nina said, “Edamame, isn’t that like lima beans?”), but it wasn’t bad.  The generic stir fry flavors – ginger, garlic, soy, sherry, stock – overwhelmed any lima-bean aspects.  Debbie and I really liked it.  (The dark stuff in the picture, by the way, is toasted walnuts, not some Essence of Health Food.)