Cauliflower, Swiss Chard, and Chicken Soup

I’ve shared my conclusions about dieting, right?  I can benefit from diets, but only by picking a new diet gimmick every six months or so.

It makes sense: the motor of a diet is your zeal, and zeal, let’s face it, wears out over time.  Nothing to re-hone that zeal like a new gimmick: “the 3 don’ts”, “the seven heavenly foods,” whatever.

Latest gimmick: Happy Body diet and workout, the brainchild of a Silicon Valley couple.  Props to an old friend Kem Smith for letting me know about it.

The diet part of it calls for two big meals and three small snacks a day, spaced out at three-hour intervals.  All are supposed to be “balanced” and “wholesome” (although, perversely, Clif bars are considered a balanced and wholesome snack, and perhaps they are).  The meals feature protein and vegetables for satiety, minimizing cereal-style carbs and certainly “refined” carbs.

All a long preamble to last night’s Crummy Sortie, a soup made with cubed chicken breast, cauliflower, and chard.

Sorry, no picture.

Very simple, kind of tasty, Happy Body Adherent.


None.  It came out fine, but mainly due to few moving parts.

Oh, and I was the only eater.  Debbie out of town again.