My Talk at MakerCon

I’m giving a talk at MakerCon on 5/13.

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The topic is “A Strategy for Getting QS Apps to Interoperate”.

Ok.  It’s not the best title.  It used to be even worse: “Disruptive Standards as a tool to facilitate data interoperability in the quantified self app ecosystem”.  Longer than the 20 minutes of the talk…

But it’s an interesting idea, or at least I think so.

It drafts off a thought I blogged about in this post some years ago.  Gist of the argument is that a certain kind of standard — which I call “disruptive”, after Clay Christensen’s “disruptive technologies” meme — actually aid in ecosystem coalescence.  The standards need to be not-too-strict, but strict-enough.

I’m a big Quantified Self junkie, and it seems like an ecosystem in need of assistance coalescing, so I wanted to workshop my ideas with (hopefully) sympatico minds in the room.

Room 202/203, 3:30 PM PDT

If you’re around and so minded, please join me.