Barefoot Contessa couscous… alone

Mara is off to Africa for six months, Debbie is in CA, I’m home alone with the animals.

Prior to the Crummy Cook Resolution, I would have gone out last night, might well have overeaten.  But, even by myself, the Cook calls, and I put together something simple which hit the spot.

Mary had originally directed me to Ina Garten (also at her own site), whose dishes are generally tasty and simple.

Picture of Curried Couscous RecipeCurried Couscous (that’s Ina’s version in the picture; I’m still routinely forgetting to take pictures of my food) is fabulous, and completely simple, great features for a cook-at-home-alone dish.  When Mary told me about this dish, she said that y0u could make any amount of it for a party and it would all be gone by the end.  I guess that was true of my one-person party last night. 

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