Beet and Cabbage Soup (not Borscht)

We have some beets (the not-very-red kind; maybe they’re even “yellow”) that have been in the fridge for a while, and almost a whole big head of purple cabbage.

I beetled off to Epicurious, who seemed to have nothing but recipes for Borscht.

Nothing against Borscht; Debbie makes it from time to time, and it’s tasty and hearty.  But I wanted something different.

Enter "Beet and Cabbage Soup", a Mexican recipe (of all things) featuring jalapeno, lime juice, and tortilla chips at the end.


Here’s the mess o’ vegetables saute-ing at the beginning (the beets are the golden colored chunks).


And here’s the soup at the end, with tortilla chips and a dollop of (low fat) sour cream.

Tasty, but, you know what?  It kinda tasted like Borscht with lime juice and tortilla chips and a hint of jalapeno.  And the mauve color didn’t help bring it to life for me.

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