Buffalo, Wholesome Rice Pilaf

I bought a buffalo steak (boneless sirloin, if you care) a few weeks ago, and haven’t done anything with it since Debbie declared that it made her “squeamish”.

Everyone’s squeamish about something, so I don’t begrudge her that, but buffalo seems just like lean beef to me, I don’t see it’s worth putting it in the squeamish-generating class.  But that’s me.

Since she found it squeam-o-genic I didn’t do anything about it until Thursday night, when she said, “Why doesn’t the Crummy Cook make something tomorrow night?”

As you can see from the lack of postings, I’ve been pretty idle lately, a consequence of too much travel and nights out with friends or restaurants.

So I said, “what’ve we got in the freezer?”  Debbie rattled off a list of things including the buffalo, and I said, “I’ll make the buffalo, but I’ll also make something else substantial in case you don’t want any of it.”

OK.  I found a Brown- and Wild-Rice Pilaf With Porcini and Parsley recipe in Epicurious that looked pretty tasty (amazingly, there are a bunch of brown- and wild-rice pilaf dishes; lot of people trying to make brown rice interesting).  I thought that would be pretty substantial.

And, just for kicks, I searched for buffalo recipes, and found Buffalo Steak and Onion Confit on Garlic Toasts, which I thought might overwhelm Debbie’s squeamishness.

It all went well (although, inexplicably, the onion confit calls for large pieces of onion, even chunks, which seems a little weird in a confit, but what do I know?).  Debbie and I both loved the pilaf, and the buffalo was pretty good too.  It didn’t quite overcome Debbie’s hesitation, but she finished it and declared she would eat it another time.

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