Cod, and Cod Croquettes

So, Mara’s back from Africa for the next few weeks, and this has induced a flurry of CrummyCooking.  Up from once a week more-or-less to two or three times a week.

This last week I got some cod at Black Salt (not the same without the very impressive MJ there, I must say), and got more than I needed.  Debbie baked the cod, but we had quite a bit left over.

Something inspired me to make it into cod croquettes, which are (in this case) sauteed patties of fish together with onions, spices, and “binder” (in this case, mashed potato).


Here are the croquettes coming out of the fridge, ready to be sauteed.


Here is Mara with the salad.

We also had Brussels Sprouts browned in butter-and-oil, but they were a bit underdone.

Croquettes were very fragile even after cooking, but tasted great.

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