Eggs Sardou Parmigiana

Surprise CrummyCook outing this morning.

Debbie and I decided to make something a bit out of the ordinary for breakfast.

There are some frozen health spinach pancakes she buys at Whole foods, and she wanted them with eggs on top.

I said, “poached eggs?”

She said, “why not have Eggs Sardou”?  (Eggs Sardou is Eggs Benedict but on top of artichoke heart and spinach instead of English muffin and ham.  Emeril recipe here).  We would have deconstructed spinach from the health-food spinach pancakes, and deconstructed (well, really, store-bought) artichoke bottoms.  But at least we’d have poached eggs!

OK, why not?  She had some artichoke bottoms in the fridge.  I knew how to poach eggs, or so I thought.

I start to poach, and Debbie says, “wait a minute, Hollandaise sauce is a big hassle.”

Ever the Crumster, I reply, “why not just let it curdle and then blend the c**p out of it?”

She says, sensibly, that that will just make pulverized scrambled eggs and butter.

Debbie says, “why don’t we make tomato sauce and cheese instead?”

I say, “you mean like Eggs Sardou Parmagiana”?

And thus a dish is born.


Here’s the result.  Looks like a Parmigiana dish (that’s toast on the right).

Well, we’re going to add a section to these blog entries:

Criticism and Self-Criticism

We did a lot of this in my misspent youth.  But it can be a good tool if you’re not determined to extract a confession at any cost but rather determined to improve a process.

  1. Parmigiana sauce makes anything taste like pizza.  So, sadly, you couldn’t taste the eggs and artichokes
  2. Covering a pan makes eggs poach too fast unless you’re very careful about heat.  Bottom liine: the yolks seized up on the poached eggs.

Oh well.  We had a great time, and they tasted pretty good despite all that.

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