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I’ve been wisecracking the last few years about “cookie-ing corporations”. The idea is that “they” cookie “us” all the time to see what we’re up to and sell us junk. Why shouldn’t we cookie them, find out what they’re up to, and see whether we want to buy stuff from them or not.

Just read about half of “Intention Economy” on the flight out to the Bay Area, and not only does Doc Searls believe what I believe, he’s founded (or at least given voice to) a whole movement for doing just this, returning power to consumers.

His point — among others — is that this is exactly what the Internet is intended for: interactive exchange of software-mediated negotiations.

I love it. I love VRM (vendor relationship management, the software category which will provide tools to consumers). I love the idea that advertising will transform from yammering into more sophisticated persuasion in niches left over from areas not covered by CRM/VRM interactions.

Read the book. It’s really interesting.

Your thoughts?

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