I Hate Garlic

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the taste of garlic.  But garlic as a food to be prepared?  Fugettaaboutdit.  The husk around the garlic cloves is gnarly and refractory.  I hit it and hit it with the heel of the knife, and it’s still hard to peel.  And then the garlic sticks to your fingers and your knife as you cut it.

I would take pre-minced garlic any day of the week.  But Debbie forbids it in our house.  Maybe she’s right.  But can someone please intervene with The Management to make garlic easier to work with?

All this because I had to chop up a couple of cloves of garlic for the Eggplant and garlic lettuce cups recipe I made from Epicurious.  (Our “stretch vegetable” for the week was an eggplant, and I bought a tub of pre-cut mushroom on an impulse in the Whole Foods.)

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