Miso Black Cod a la Nobu

Debbie’s been hankering to have this dish at home since she had it at Nobu in New York, and doubly so since the Careful Cook Mary made it a year ago at her house.

I’ve begun to buy my fish where Josh and Mary do – Black Salt Fish Market in the Palisades – the really good guy MJ who is the manager of the market told me the other day that fresh black cod was in.  I was in!

There are a bunch of Nobu-esque recipes for this dish on the web (which is why I call it “a la Nobu” here); I used this one from foodandwine.com since it seemed to have the chef’s imprimatur on it.

What I didn’t realize before I brought the cod home is that it has to be marinated at least overnight to get the taste.  The recipe says it should even be marinated more, although Josh told me that would just make it taste salty.  So we let it sit overnight and had it last night.


Here’s the cod on the plate just before consumption.  It was really delicious.  It’s a great silky unctuous fish to begin with – basically the sable of my childhood, which, along with smoked salmon, smoked whitefish, and smoked sturgeon, were the set pieces of a visit to my grandma’s house – and the marinade hits my sweet-and-salty spot perfectly.

It was not as elegant-looking as Mary’s.   She got all the marinade off before grilling (where I just got most) and got it to look as silky and elegant as it tastes.  Anyhow, great dish.

We had broccoli with garlic-infused olive oil and salad on the side.

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