OK, well, New Years 2015

New Years resolutions have about the same status in the circles I move in as chiropractic: “Yeah, that stuff doesn’t work.”

But I love them.  For the same reason I like self-improvement and the 7 Habits and everything else: there’s wisdom in there.

I have an essay I’ve never finished about why intellectuals hate self-help… Some New Years I’ll finish it.

In any case, I’ve gotten pretty good mileage out of resolutions at the beginning of January and assessment at the end of December.

And so here I am in 2015, re-beginning blogging (part of a couple of resolutions) and, in January, trying to cobble together a new fitness regime.

I’m a big fan of “Younger Next Year” and what Chris Crowley, the main author, has come to call the “Younger Next Year” books.  I read the latest, “Thinner This Year”, over the holidays.  And it contained, to my surprise and pleasure, a better routine for warm-ups and strength exercises.

Chris C. has my number: his new routine is aimed at strength training done wrong.  He claims — and it makes some sense — that doing the right exercises wrong makes you worse, that form (and the mother of all form, posture) is quite important to fitness.

So I’m trying, first the warm-ups, and then the strength moves themselves, over the month of January.

I’ll keep you posted.

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