The tomato and onion tart

First of all, thank God for Epicurious.  Mary – one of my scarily un-crummy cook friends – told me about them while teaching me how to make a souffle.  They are a searchable database for Gourmet and Bon Appetit recipes, where you can type in your ingredients-on-hand and see what they’ve got.  In this case, I had too much Gruyere cheese (from the souffle) and a tub of pitted olives I’d bought on a whim the previous week at Whole Foods.  I typed in “gruyere” and “olives” and, voila: the Tomato and Onion Tart.

Easy recipe, once I made the crucial simplifying assumption that I would buy rather than build the crust.  (Using pre-made stuff is no shame in the tech business: it’s called “buy vs. build” and it’s even a bit more chic to buy than to do it yourself”.)  Whole Food’s whole-wheat frozen pie crust was probably easier on my constitution than the Butter Pastry Dough they were going to have me prepare.  I can always make a dough in Year 2.

It went well.  Debbie – who had just come home off the road – liked it (and even ate a smidgen of seconds, a surer proof of approval than mere words).  For the first time since New Years, no criticism and self-criticism afterwards.  Life is sweet.

Why the Crummy Cook?

So, at age 59 I’ve decided to learn how to cook.

Not from scratch.  I’ve never been like my poor dad, who couldn’t even make a hamburger or boil an egg.  I know the basics.  I know a few dishes.

I decided as a New Year’s resolution to do it regularly, once a week at least.

And, since we live in the age where everyone wants to write and no one wants to read, I’ve got to blog about it, too.

Hopefully my accounts of flailing around with recipes, cutting boards, and flame will amuse some readership.  If so, please let me know.

Benefit from my 35 years of tech industry experience