Return of the Crummy Cook

It’s been a while.

In the holidays I had a couple of guest postings from Harry, and then in January I had a hip replaced.

Miracle of modern surgery and rehab, but still a long slog until last night, when I was finally feeling Crummy enough again to don the apron and toque and brave the kitchen.

Just me last night.  Debbie is away in California working on a family illness, and when I drove home from work I was fully intending to just go out to dinner.

But I feel pretty much like a loser when I have dinner out for one, and, in any case, a slow stewing inside me (braising? poaching?) put some iron in me: “You’re the Crummy Cook!  You can cook for yourself at home!”

Not much in the way of ingredients.  No chance to consult with epicurious or any of my other props.

So here’s what I did:

Took some asparagus and cheese frozen ravioli from Dean & Deluca, and made a sauce with olive oil (the Mediterranean Wunderkind), garlic, onions, green beans cut into short pieces, frozen scallops, and white wine.

Actually, as I look at the blog, it was quite close to my last dish before the hiatus: Whole wheat penne with scallops and garlic.  Oh my, just a year into it and I’m in a rut.

Or maybe my cook muscles need some rehab as well.

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