Salt Cod Fish Cakes

Ever since I made salt cod this past September I’ve been meaning to make something with it.

The problem has been that you have to soak the salt cod in fresh water for 24 hours (or even more!!) before using it, so you have to be together enough to plan 24+ hours in advance and then deliver on the other end.

This week the perfect storm.  Debbie is out of town, so when I got home Thursday night from NYC I had no distractions and was able to see clearly forward to the Friday night as an oppty.  I jumped on it.

Salt Cod Fish Cakes, from Gourmet, via Epicurious, are what you might call, if you were Jewish, latkes with scales and fins.  Basically a potato pancake (with an inexplicable bit of parsnip thrown in) with salt cod as about half the throw weight.


Here’s the finished fish cakes.  I thought they were great, but I love salt (I thought the unwashed bacalao was pretty tasty, before the 24 hours fresh water treatment).

Anyhow, as Marshall would say, good chomp.

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