Scotch Broth

Is this the right term?  Shouldn’t it be “Scots Broth”?

In any case, Debbie has been making noise about doing this for some time (days, actually).

She was out of town this weekend and I gradually got the idea of bogarting the whole idea from her and making it my Crummy self.

(She doesn’t care that much about getting credit for cooking.  I think she’s cooked enough, including for the Cal Band, that she’s got, in Bob Seger’s immortal lyric, “Nothing left to prove”.)

In any case, I went to Wagshals and got a whole leg of lamb, with most of it cut up into “butterflied leg of lamb” steaks for future CCooks.  The bones themselves, with generous accoutrements of meat, went into the slow cooker with onion, carrot, celery, barley, etc.

Taking it out soon to see how it did.

(You know, I started worrying that I left out the onion.  Zut.)

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