Simply Grilled

On Martha’s Vineyard this week, with Liz and her boys, Josh, and Debbie.  Last night everyone had finally arrived.

Pre CrummyCook we went out a lot when we went to the Vineyard.  The kitchen environment in a by-the-week rental is often not what you would want, and things don’t work well.  Plus the whole island is really moist (what you’d expect from some land in the middle of the ocean, I guess), and things (like crackers, cereal, pasteboard boxes, etc) get so moist they’re downright flexible.

But all that has changed with the Cook’s Point of View, and so we’re making more food.

We did swordfish on the charcoal grill last night.  My Universal Grilling Method (heat to iron-melting temperature and cook really fast) works extremely well with this use case.  The fish was actually pretty good.  I thought it was a little too dry in the middle, but Liz said her piece had a part that was perfect.

That and chard and salad and corn on the cob (not Island corn, but picked the same day on the mainland) seemed to please everyone.

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