Soy-Braised Pork Country Ribs with Carrots and Turnips

It will not have escaped the attentive reader that a large number of my Crummy Cook episodes happen when Debbie is away, although on paper the core purpose of Crummy Cooking is to spell her at the point of sweat.

So you will be pleased to know that my latest recipe from Epicurious, although prepared on Saturday the night before Debbie came back from her trip, was also served on Sunday for her homecoming dinner.


There it is (not a very pretty picture) in the pot a-cooking.

Boneless country pork ribs, it turns out, are really slices of pork shoulder.  Looked pretty fatty when I started, but the miracle of braising turned lard into umami.

(And Debbie said she loved them.)

Criticism and self-criticism

Nothing major.  It turned out really well.

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