Squash Blossoms

Squash blossoms was the stretch vegetable this week.  They had them at the farmers’ market.  I’ve always wanted to think of myself as someone who knew how to prepare them.  And, with the help of Epicurious, I am.  Sort of.

Here they are.  It’s a delicious recipe, and not too hard (by Epicurious standards).  It took me about the 40 min they mention in the recipe.

The hard thing is actually getting the stuffing into the darn squash blossoms.  They’re fragile.  They’re floppy.  They lack structural integrity.  I would get one open and the leaves would flop back into place while I was pushing the stuffing in.  Or I would push too vigorously the leaves would tear.  And nothing I could do seemed to be able to get the stuffing into the very bottom of the flower.

In any case, Debbie thought they tasted great.  I could have used more stuffing.  Next time I’ll get a pastry bag or a big plastic syringe and do it right.

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