Stuffed Squash

I don’t know why, but I have this yen to make the untasty taste good.  Earlier this year (but before Crummy Cook, I think) I tried to make a decent-tasting kasha dish.  Debbie actually succeeded with this later in the year by the time-honored expedient of using boatloads of butter.

Squash (of the non-zucchini variety) is pretty un-tasty in my book, so as the first winter squashes start to come out I’m going to try various ways to make it taste good.


Here’s the first shot.  Even Epicurious shies away from calling this stuffed squash: Orzo and Cheese baked in Acorn Squash.  I thought I had “white” orzo but only had whole wheat, and the cheddar I got was a Life’s DHA cheddar from Giant which was deeply insipid.  The net result was something pretty much like other stuffed squash I’ve had in the past: not inedible, but nothing that would redeem the stuff-ee.

Fortunately, I was alone.  Debbie was out of town and it was just me.  But I will try again: maybe I should just bite the bullet and poach it in a cup of butter.

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