Thanks, @jlecat and Tom Lang from @videologygroup for bringing me NoSqlTapes

I look to Tom Lang, all-star CTO at our video advertising company Videology Group, for insights into digital advertising technology, Big Data, and cloud, because he worries about them every day and, unlike many, worries constructively by finding resources that will keep Videology out in front.

When I asked him for background about NoSQL/NewSQL, he turned me on to The NoSQL Tapes site, which is collection of roughly hour-long video interviews with the rock stars of the NoSQL movement.

I’ll admit it’s an effort in today’s information-snacking world to pay attention to anything for an hour, but even in smaller snacks it’s worth it.  What a great site to find out more background on NoSQL.

As it turns out, Jerome LeCat from Scality is one of the sponsors (or THE sponsor?) of NoSQLTapes.  Jerome (Twitter @jlecat) is a brilliant guy well worth listening to in his own right.

NoSQLTapes was a terrific idea.  I would welcome the same in other emerging technology areas.

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