The Crummy Cook’s first improv!

Mara taxes me regularly with being too hung-up on following recipes.  She would have been proud of me tonight!

I had a yen for meatballs, and we had a bag of frozen turkey meatballs from Whole Foods sitting around, calling to me.  I looked up “turkey meatballs” in Epicurious, and the few recipes that came back were tough and demanding.  The last thing you want on Sunday night.

Well, I saw a number of recipes pairing meatballs with tomato sauce, and I looked in the fridge and saw leftover Harissa dressing from a previous Crummy-Cook exploit.  I thought, “let’s put the Harissa dressing on the meatballs”.  Then I thought, “that’s a bit intense, let’s cut them with something.”  Inside the fridge, the Greek yogurt spoke to me.  I mixed the yogurt with the Harissa and cooked it with the meatballs: a star is born!

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