Themes for study and learning in February

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this!  I had no idea, and although, of course, the other stuff I’ve been doing has been boundlessly important, I’m sorry to have let this one go.

So, themes for study in February:

  1. Future of Work.  This is robots, guaranteed annual income, future of labor, AI, etc.
  2. Antiquity.  I’m interested in the glory that was Greece (and Rome :-)), why it got hammered, and what we can learn about classicism, faith, science, curiosity, paganism, etc.
  3. Morning Routines.  I’m trying (yet again) to “Kaizen” my morning routine, so I’ll be looking at stuff like Tim Ferris’ “Tools of Titans”, Mason Currey’s “Daily Rituals”, etc.

One thought on “Themes for study and learning in February”

  1. Antiquity is a favorite topic of mine. Im not really a serious student but have read more than a handful of books about the bronze age and classic period (Greek & Roman). I just finished a book on the Punic Wars. Some other recent books: 1177 collapse of civilization, anabasis of cyrus, cicero, the peoples of sicily, the greek way.

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