Themes for study and learning in January

The three themes I wanted to work on for December were:

  1. World of the Adjunct: I gave this one some thought and a little bit of study; I was able to clarify my feelings about being an Adjunct if nothing else
  2. Reaching Entrepreneurs: Just got started with this one, and most of the work so far has been practical: talking to people who work with entrepreneurs, finding out what “channels” entrepreneurs use and trust (to the extent this can be generalized about).  I’ll continue with this work in January, but doesn’t need explicit study
  3. Presence and Deep Work.  I’m still working on some of the readings I found for December, and will report on these as appropriate.

New themes for January:

  1. Continue with Presence and Deep Work (as above).  The greater my capacity to focus on Deep Work, the better things will go, and I need to augment my toolkit for engaging in Deep Work, well, Deeply.
  2. Fascism and Totalitarianism.  I had intended in any case to learn more about “Modern European Thinking” in 2017: Heidegger, Freud, Judt, etc.  But I’ll want to start with some reading on Fascism, Totalitarianism, and other forms of tyrrany.  Begin with Hannah Arendt “On Totalitarianism” and see where that takes us.
  3. The Body.  I kick off New Years (like most folks) with resolutions to have a better body in 2017, so I’ll want to read some more about this area, establish tentative comm with my body, etc.  I’ll start here by re-reading “The 4-hour body”, by Tim Ferriss.

Welcome your thoughts and comments…  Happy New Year.

One thought on “Themes for study and learning in January”

  1. re body

    not a fan of these “hey, you’re not exercising, here’s a no-work way to get the health benefits of exercising”

    rather see: start doing something, take time to find the next one thing you can do to optimize that

    an example from my own case; I like to ride bikes and I think upper body/core strength is really impotrant for all sorts of reasons

    i try to exercise 3x per week, 2 biking, 1 strength;

    if I bike outdoors, i go for a 2-3 hr ride; if not, a spin class of 45-60 minutes

    if I lift wts, < 45 mins total

    now, how do I get more out of that?

    outdoor riding: mix it up with different groups to find one that pushes me a slight bit out of my comfort zone; look for hillier rides (more challenggn and more usefl)

    indoor riding (spin): my indoor riding is in support of my outdoor riding; research functional threshold power (FTP) and v02 max as measures to optimize; that means intervals mostly; learn to use HRM better; I don't always follow instructor (some of them don't know shite), especially when the like to bounce in and out of saddle (WTF, who rides like that?)

    weights: tabata's, super-sets, etc. increase the density of the workout; keeps me interested, keeps time short, max the value

    when I get bored, I look for more reseach that could chnage my workout, go back to start

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