Catfish with Green Olives

On a whim I bought catfish at Whole Foods yesterday evening.

Well, not exactly a whim.  I’d had catfish for the first time in my life last year, and, to my surprise, it tasted pretty much like any other kind of smaller white fish.  A tastier kind of tilapia, so to speak.

So I wasn’t afraid to buy it anymore.

But when I got home, the bulk of the recipes in Epicurious involved breading it and frying it.

I like frying as much as the next person, but breading in tabu on my current diet, something between a low-carb and a slow-carb diet, somewhere to the left of South Beach.  So breading was out.

I found this recipe, however, and it spoke to me.  I like olives.  I had parsley (and like it well enough).  and I’m always intrigued to use new kitchen junk, so the idea of putting a circle of parchment paper on top of the cooking fish-and-olives tickled me.

(Debbie’s away until tonight, so I had only myself to please here.)

Catfish with Green Olives

There’s how the picture in Epicurious looks.  I didn’t get my own home photos because the phone was upstairs and I was downstairs (I know, it’s  a First World problem, but then I’m a First World guy).

Really tasty.  I had it with a big old salad and was quite pleased with myself.

The Chutzpah Project

I’m kicking off a new project, the Chutzpah Project.

Well, I was going to kick off a new project on Jan. 1, but, like many great projects I’ve worked on over the years, it slipped.  Only by a month.

I loved Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project.  Her idea was to document – via blog and eventually book – her attempts, over a year, to get happier by trying stuff.  She drew up a list of stuff – four things a month – to try.  Things like “be physically active”, “be nice to others”, “try new things”.  She did four in January, four in February, etc.  And tried to do all 44 (11×4, if my arithmetic is correct) in December.

Of course, she didn’t succeed.  She couldn’t do everything, and some days she couldn’t do anything.  But she never gave up.  And she learned a lot about happiness along the way.

I want to do the same thing for chutzpah.  Give it a year.  Try four things a month.  Maybe even try 44 things in January 2014 (which will be a year).  Document lessons learned along the way.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Dan G.

(Next Post: Chutzpah Redefined, Rescued from its Detractors)