Chard Cakes with Sorrel Sauce

Debbie saw this recipe in the New York Times and talked the Crummy One into making it last night.  I have to admit the title of the food wasn’t very appealing.


It doesn’t look too bad in their picture.  But things were more challenged chez moi.

The core problem was structural integrity.  You’re supposed to make the chard, pine nuts, cheese, bread crumbs, and egg into patties, but mine wouldn’t hold together; they didn’t even pretend to hold together.  I put in an extra egg.  I put in more panko (we were using panko instead of dry white bread crumbs, which possibly caused the problem…).  All to no avail.

I ended up frying heaps of chard cake batter in the pan.

Tasted pretty good, as it happened.  The sorrel sauce, as promised, was something you might want to put on a bunch of things.  Debbie approved.

We’ll try again some time with new approaches to the binding.

One thought on “Chard Cakes with Sorrel Sauce”

  1. I made the recipe last night and you really need to squeeze as much liquid out of the chard as possible, that goes for the stems as well. I chopped them, then squeezed them again. I also pan fried them with just a spray of oil instead of the deeper frying method.

    Its definitely a loose ‘batter’ but the cheese and egg holds it together. Just make smaller patties and do not touch them once they are in the pan.

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