Do I have to log each meal I cook?

Not sure of the conventions here, but I’ll err on the side of punctilio until I figure out the lay of the land.

Last night (still alone :-() I got hung up on tofu, but also sick of the usual stuff.  One of the few areas of cooking I knew something about pre-Crummy-Cook-vow was Chinese stir-fry cooking, and I just wasn’t in the mood last night.

A recipe for Spinach and Tofu from Deborah Madison (famous, in our household at least, for the her connection with Moosewood Cookbook and its progeny) caught my fancy.

I’m one of the few people in my zip code who has actually made paneer from scratch, so Saag Paneer, the ur-dish on which this is based, is a household favorite.

I cheated.  I made it with frozen chopped spinach.  It still tasted great.

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