Penne with Tomato, Bacon, and Cheese Sauce (Backlog)

I’ve fallen a bit behind here.

I made the penne recipe on Thursday.  Debbie had just gone away (again!  Is there no balm in Gilead for her travel?) and I searched in Epicurious for “feta and bacon”.  Scratching my salt itch, to put it mildly.


It went well, and certainly looked normal.  And, since there was no one but me, criticism and self-criticism was a bit attenuated.

Crit Self-Crit

For all the forbidden pleasures of salt I was expecting, it was a bit bland.  Somehow the penne outweighed (in the flavor sense of course) the bacon and feta.  Or maybe it was the tomato; tomato can smother most anything.

Anyhow, nice comfort meal

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