Rachael Ray “Indian meat” recipe

Not the most catchy title, but this Rachael Ray recipe is called “Indian Spiced Meat with Curried Potato Salad and Creamed Spinach”, and it was really good.

The reason she called it “Spiced Meat” is because you can swap out chicken for beef or lamb chops.  I used boneless chicken thighs, which was how I picked the recipe in the first place.

The “creamed” part of the creamed spinach is notional only, since the creaming agent is yogurt (and since, against her advice, I used 2% yogurt).  So it was nothing like the artery-clogging product you might get, say, in a steakhouse.  But spinach is pretty hard to wreck.


The potatoes with curry were pretty good.

Dammit, I like Rachael Ray’s recipes.  They’re easy to make (although I can’t do any of them in anything like 30 minutes; an hour is more like it), and, unlike some of the other Food Channel corner-cutters, they’re pretty tasty.


The curry rub for the chicken was good, and the whole thing just pleased Debbie and me.

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