Seared Scallops with “Bok Choy” and Miso

A classic CrummyOuting.  I searched Epicurious for rice and miso, and found this recipe.

Unfortunately, I bought my supplies at the suburban Giant on my way home from work.  It’s a huge space but contains almost nothing out of the ordinary, just more varieties of the ordinary.

In particular, the recipe called for baby bok choy.  They had adult bok choy, but no babies (maybe worried about cruelty?).  I dithered around in Produce for maybe 10 minutes, hoping for inspiration, and finally setttled on small endives.  Approximately the same shape as the baby bok choy, not far off in flavor, and arguably in the same phylogenetic order as bok choy, (worst case, in the same phylum).

I didn’t get the value of serving the dish with the huge quartered veggie pieces; I would just as soon have cut them up when finished stir-frying them.  But we quibble.  It was basically quick and tasty, and used up rice and miso.

Sorry no picture.  I thought I took a picture of it, but none was to be found in my phone in the morning.

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