Solo Dinner

Mara’s back at school, at least for another month.  Debbie’s in New Orleans (where we had a very good but not great meal at Cuvee, a hotel-based restaurant in the Central Business District.

So last night I had no one to share my Crummy-ness with, and I cooked solo.  (Prior to this year I would have eaten leftovers, frozen food, or gone out.)

Mark Bitman has a good recipe-template for grilled shrimp, and I had some pesto sauce left over, so I just slathered some frozen shrimp in pesto sauce and grilled it under the broiler for 10 minutes (longer because it was frozen).

Mark called for peeled shrimp, but the frozen shrimp I had were unpeeled, so I cooked them unpeeled.  when it came time to peel them, I got the Cajun-style effect of getting the sauce all over my fingers as I peeled and thence over the shrimp.

A Caesar salad-style dish (+ almonds and red onion) on the side.

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