Valhalla Partners StorageFest II

We had our StorageFest II on Jan. 10 up in NYC.  Fantastic event.  As Dave Vellante of Wikibon said:

Thinking about #storagefest. Best small event I’ve attended in a while. Practitioners, VC’s, BoD’s, entrepreneurs and pundits. #winners

— dvellante (@dvellante) January 13, 2012

Follow other traffic on the event at #storagefest.

(One of) my big takeaways from the event was: the different levels of the data stack have to talk to one another.  We got some Big Data storage clients talking with storage experts at our event, and the results were: Big Data needs storage that serves various needs, not just the same old file and block workloads.

Interested to see how that works out over time.


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